PCI Compliance

Getting Started, It’s Easy

For the majority of merchants, getting compliant is as easy as filling out a basic self-assessment online questionnaire. If you are using a Converge (formerly Virtual Merchant) or another eCommerce program, the system will also do a scan of your network to look for vulnerabilities.

To get started, use the link below to go to the Sysnet PCI Portal. It will ask you to create an account using your merchant ID. Once logged in, the portal will guide you through the steps.


» Click Here – Sysnet PCI Portal Login


PCI Compliance is an Ongoing Process

Remember that compliance is a ongoing process. You want to make sure that you continuously monitor your business and keep up with the PCI standard and your security policies. Self-assessment questionnaires need to be filled out yearly, and security scans (if required) are quarterly.


Learn More

The Payment Card Industry standards association has many in-depth resources at their site www.pcisecuritystandards.org



If you need assistance with PCI Compliance, please email us at pcicompliance@nxgencanada.com, or call Sysnet PCI Support at 855.750.0747